Prime Residencies


  • How can we reserve a unit from your projects?

    It is an easy task, you just have to pay the reservation amount on the preferred housing unit on the preferred apartment project 

    Call us now +94 710 777 666 / +94 710 666 222

  • Can we see a model house of Prime Residencies ?

    Yes you can see a Model House of Prime Residencies

    We have many finished projects for your observation as well

  • Is it a must to proceed with the payment plan that is given by you ?

    No, we are very flexible with it.  You can propose your payment plan so that we can adjust accordingly.

  • Can we proceed with bank loans ?

    Yes you can get bank loans from a bank that we introduce or with your own choice and we can help you with providing documents. 

  • Can we supply our own materials for finishes ?

    Yes you can provide certain product at the finishing stage.