Prime Residencies

After Sales Services

One year defect liability:

The said period of time will be effected from the day an apartment is handed over the client.

24/7 Maintenence Team:

The well-equipped team with a greater knowledge will attend to any of the issues related to constructional and funcitional behaviour of the apartment via 24/7 call center.

Services extended after defect liability period:

Even after the said time, our maintenence team will be available for any advice related constructional matters. And the team will be assisting & providing the services at cost.

10 years Structural Warranty:

The said coverage enables the warranty for all structures & any matters related to the structure will be attended by our professional & wel-qualified staff immediately.

Management corporation functions / body corporation:

The functions of MC will eb arranged & handled by our well-trained & experienced residency managers.

Warranty & guarantee:

All the warranties & guarantee's isssued for equipment will be checked regularly to make sure 100% functionality.

Re-sale or rent our an apartment:

If an client wishes to resale or rent our the apartment which was bought, our well talented sales & marketing team will be assisting the clients to be satisfied with the client request.

Availability of documents for client reference:

 All the relevant documents regarding the constructional &other client documents will be kept archived & this would be available for 2 years of time for reference by client request.

Demonstration for equipment usage: 

An arrangement of demonstration for equipment usage made to all clients for awareness on the usage of equipments & behaviour during an emergency.

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